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Required Documents for Loan Approval

Whichever loan you apply for, note that the following documentation is needed to make your process faster and smoother:
  • Current job letter
  • Current payslip
  • Copy of the relevant pages of your passport (Photo page and signature page)
  • Copy of your National Insurance Smart Card.
  • Copy of a utility bill in your name that shows your address or Voter’s card with your current address or a bill with complete address in name of person living with you and a letter confirming that you reside in the same house
  • Invoice or bill to be paid.

We offer a variety of loans

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Published loan rates can be deceiving

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Different Ways Of Securing A Loan

Loan by Salary Deduction – Do your company allow for salary deduction from your salary? This is one way for our company to receive payments without you taking time out of your busy schedule.  Payments are automatically deducted from your salary during your pay period and forwarded to our Company by way of a transfer into our bank account or a cheque sent to our office on your behalf.


Co-Borrower/Guarantor – A guarantor maybe accepted in cases to better strengthenthe loan application. For example, when the applicant and only been on the job for a short period or an extended loan term of contract.


Loan secured by collateral – Should you not meet all the requirements of securing a loan, we can hold some sort of asset that you hold until the duration of the loan. Once your loan is completed the asset totally becomes yours again. Collateral is sometime required as added protection of a loan. 

The following can be considered:

  • Automobile
  • Real Estate
  • Share Trading in the Local Market or BISX
  • Life Insurance Policy (cash value)
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